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Nebraska Nurse Practitioners

The purpose of this organization shall be to promote, develop and support the role of the nurse practitioner (NP) within the state of Nebraska, including but not limited to:

a) High standards of clinical practice

b) Professional leadership and representation

c) Legislation affecting health care

d) Continuing education

e) Peer support


Nebraska Nurse Practitioners On-line  Mission

Serve as an online community for Nebraska nurse practitioners. To achieve this mission, Nebraska nurse practitioners who register on the website can access information about upcoming events, continuing education offerings and jobs. In addition, the site allows access to their peers across the state for the purpose of networking and consultation.


NNP History

1982 – Formalized meetings with minutes and chairman.  All worked on legislation to allow NPs to practice in Nebraska.  Many long nights, meetings with Board of Nursing, many trips to Lincoln, meetings with organized medicine, and only a few to fund the process resulted in initial legislation passing in 1984.

Those involved were:

NNP Presidents:

1982 – 1986 – Mary Neumann Chair,

other members of Core Group:  Debbie Conley, Jan Kennedy, Virginia Moore, Jane Pierson and Nancy Ferenstein.

1986-87 Virginia Moore

1988 Jane Pierson

1989 Karen Murphy-Krall

1990 Diane Lesh

1991-92 Carroll Hill

1993 Sally Jochens

1994 Vicky Stutzman

1995 Beth Hentzen

1996 1998 Joan Smith

1998 – 2000 Kathy Murphy

2000-2002 Carol Hinkle

2002 – 2004 Joyce Shilke

2004 – 2006 Barb Foss

2006-2008 Kathy Murphy

2008 – 2010 Rebecca Pfabe

2010 – 2012   Sharon Gossman

2012 –2013 Beth Cecil

2013-2014 Sharon Gossman

2014 – 2018 LaDonna Hart

2018 – Current Tara Whitmire

AANP State Award for Excellence Recipients

Advocate: Sharon Gossman

NP: Brenda Bergman-Evans

Advocate: Senator Sue Crawford

NP: LaDonna Hart

Advocate: Senator Mike Gloor

NP: Stephanie Burge

Advocate: LeAnn Holmes

NP: Kathy Hoebelheinrich

Advocate: Linda Lazure

NP: Amy Arndt